Board Members

New ACCA-Logo-Solid-20130624Our membership and elected board of directors represent co-operatives, credit unions, agricultural associations and many other like-minded organizations. The ACCA Board of Directors each serve a three year term after being elected at the annual general meeting.


Current Serving Directors:

Randy Taylor, Board Chair and representative of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops

Harvey Hagman, Vice Chair and representative of UFA Co-operative Ltd. 

Sandra Thornton, representative of EQUS.

Lisa Hicks, representative of Calgary Co-operative Association

Brian Scott, representative of Canadian Workers’ Co-operative Federation

Duane Blahun, representative of Credit Union Central of Alberta

Tara Burke, representative of Federated Co-operatives Limited

Carl Beniuk, representative of North Parkland Power REA

Chris Ross, representative of The Co-operators 


ACCA wishes to thank the following retiring directors for their many years of service:

Albert DeBoer of The Co-operators, Rick Smith of Calgary Co-operative Association and Garth Yeomans of Credit Union Central of Alberta.