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Just Beginning to Explore Co-operatives?
The Principles, The Business Model…


You’ve come to the right place. We are a co-operative, made up of other co-operatives (and a few non-co-ops who are really community-focused.)

Our mission is to strengthen Alberta communities by providing leadership development and fostering co-operative values. The “co-op values” are the things that come to mind when you think cooperation: working together, wanting to help yourself and help others, putting aside personal interest to be able to see the overall picture in how cooperating can make a bigger impact than acting independently.

Believe it or not, there’s a business model for that. It’s been around a while too, nothing new here. Well, unless you count all the cool ways we’re innovating to meet the modern needs of the average Albertan.

If you work in economic development, business revitalization or are a community minded investor or entrepreneur,  you might be interested in:

IMG_4773Co-ops 101: 1 Hour (sign your office up to have a lunch and learn, or ask about our next webinar)

Unleashing Local Capital Through Community Investing: 1 Hour (pre-book your own or ask about our next webinar)

Co-ops Coffee Talk with our Manager of Co-op Services. Have a burning need in your community that no one can address? Want to know more about how Albertans are organizing local steering groups to meet their needs through the co-op model? From renewable energy to Aboriginal economic development, on issues of succession planning, health care, value added agriculture and more, ACCA can help explain the applications of the co-op model and the steps to get started.

Interested? Emailing doesn’t cost a thing.  

Please get in touch with:
Seth Leon, Manager of Co-operative Services or 587.216.2144


About ACCA’s Work…

The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association took shape over ten years ago, with the amalgamation of the Rural Education and Development Association and the Co-op Council of Alberta in 2005. Education and development is still the primary focus for us and we deliver it through three key pillars.

1. Raising awareness about the co-op model with the public, various levels of government, and other stakeholders. Consulting on co-operative opportunities with people who want to see social and economic development in their communities. 

2. Strengthening and diversifying existing co-operatives, their sectors, and their staff and directors. 

3. Educating young people on the co-operative principles, values and structure and empowering them with leadership skills. 

Co-operatives adapt to meet the needs of their members. Our approach to co-op education and training is less structured and more sensible. We set up scheduled opportunities through webinars, networking events and ongoing programs, but we primarily work on a case-by-case basis with those looking to learn more.


Already in the Sector?

We’re currently refining our education guide for co-ops and co-op employees and directors.

CLICK HERE – for the ACCA Co-operative Education Guide.

page02In-person, on-site workshops and facilitated sessions:

Strategic Planning
Stakeholder Mapping
Employee Engagement
Co-operative Governance
The Member-Owner Experience
Co-operation Among Co-operatives
Co-operative Identity and Differentiation

Online classroom and question sessions:

Orientation for new staff or directors: Co-ops 101
Local Investing: Opportunity Development Co-ops

 ACCA is available for speaking engagements (conferences, meetings, etc.)


Please get in touch with Seth Leon, Manager of Co-operative Services at or 587.216.2144 to find out more.


What Youth Education Initiatives are Happening?2016 Lacey and Liane, Member Engagement Session Selfie


With junior high and high school aged youth:

Check out the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program.

With post-secondary students:

Check out the ACCA Career Focus Internship Program.

ACCA has also been working with the business faculty at Mount Royal University to teach commerce students about the co-operative model.

With young professionals under 35, working in co-ops, credit unions or mutuals:

Check out the Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada Mentorship Program.