Become a Member

The Alberta Community & Co-operative Association welcomes all organizations or individuals incorporated or registered to do business in Alberta on a co-operative basis or who support the objectives of ACCA. Each Full Member is a voting member and is eligible to sit on the Board of Directors. Choosing a class of membership is on a voluntary basis and you are free to choose the level of support to ACCA that best fits with your organization.

Step 1

Drop us a line! We’d love to discuss how ACCA can create value for your organization! Please telephone Michele Aasgard, Executive Director at (780) 963-3766 to learn more.

Step 2

Complete this membership application and mail, fax or email it to the address on the bottom of the form.

Step 3

The Board of Directors of ACCA will review your application and determine your eligibility. The Board meets at least 4 times per year however; a special meeting can be called if required. We will notify you as soon as possible. Please do not send a cheque with the application. Your organization will be invoiced after the application has been reviewed and approved.

Organizations that do not meet the criteria for Full Membership are encouraged to join as Auxiliary Members. As part of our application process, ACCA reserves the right to deny applications that do not demonstrate a commitment to our mission. We may contact you to request further information about your organization prior to making a decision.