Strengthening Communities

Co-operatives are rooted in community. They are created to meet a common need by providing goods, services, and employment. Co-operatives give back to communities by supporting local initiatives and charities, providing training and education, and working with local businesses.

Yesterday and Today!

Co-operatives in Alberta were a driving force in the development of the agricultural sector, bringing utilities to rural areas, the delivery of services, and the creation of financial institutions. Today co-operatives continue to deliver the essential goods and services we use on a daily basis and that affect every aspect of our lives.

Giving Back

Co-operatives create and keep thousands of job in Albertan communities! Each year co-operative members receive millions of dollars in membership dividends. Co-operatives also invest in their communities, support the local economy, and give back in a variety of different ways! This includes scholarships, giving to charities and not-for-profit organizations, community revitalization and more!

Co-operatives are also strengthening Alberta’s communities by empowering groups and individuals to play a lead role in their local economy. Opportunity Development Co-operatives, a relatively new type of co-operative, is facilitating a wave of community ownership and mobilizing resources to support local business development.

Co-operatives support communities by providing goods and services we depend on.  Co-ops provide the gas that heats your house and the electricity that keeps your lights on. Co-operative housing might provide safe and affordable housing, as well as an opportunity to live in a vibrant community. You might buy your groceries from a co-op store that also supports local producers (and other co-ops!).