Online Co-op Resources

Learn more about Co-ops!

As per co-operative principles 5&6 (training and education, and co-ops helping other co-ops) there is a ton of resources available online to help people learn, develop, improve, and share their co-op successes.  Listed below are some resources that might be of help if you are curious about co-ops, searching for a specific topic, need help getting started, or to stay up to date on the wonderful world of co-ops. Stay tuned as we intend to update this list on a regular basis.

The website for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada  contains a comprehensive discussion of co-operatives, including a downloadable publication entitled The Power of Co-operation.

The Co-opZone is a co-op developer led website that provides information and news about co-op training opportunities, help wanted, resources on starting and improving your co-op and a co-op developer/consultant listing. This is an excellent place to start your co-op development journey.

The Association for Co-operative Education have a free online learning platform ‘The Co-operative Education Network’ for all levels of co-operatives and entrepenuers to learn about why a co-op model could be for them, you can find this at

The Co-operatives (Alberta) Info-Guide on the Government of Canada website is designed to “to help you navigate through the different government programs, services and regulations which deal with cooperatives, and identify those of interest.”

The Canadian Co-operative Research Network is a project that aims to support co-operative research by: 1) Gathering information from researchers (via survey and panel discussions) that help determine the priority co-operative research areas for future focus and funding; 2) Creating a space to encourage dialogue and collaboration between co-operative researchers; and 3) Establishing a portal of co-operative research for easy access by researchers, the co-operative sector and the public. It also has a large co-op research library and a variety of other resources for students, researchers, and co-ops. is a great site with tons of inspiring examples of co-operatives from all over the world

New Economics Institute Youtube Channel has some great videos, presentations, and lectures, about Co-operatives

Cultivate.Coop is the Wikipedia of co-operatives! Lots of user-driven information, links, and resources!