White Paper: Accelerating Co-operative Development in Alberta

Alberta Cooperatives may have a new ways of raising local investment to establish new or expand existing cooperatives.   The ACCA, along with a range of partners has undertaken a push to establish Community Economic Development Investment Funds in Alberta.  These funds would include a 30% investment tax credit as well as eligibility for designating the investment as a self directed RRSP and could be used for small business growth in the Province.   Similar models in other jurisdictions have proven very successful and investments have been made in businesses ranging from retail store expansion to farmers markets , from seniors residences to renewable energy.  On May 5th, the board of the ACCA has approved the White Paper: Accelerating Co-operative Development in Alberta and ACCA staff and its partners are currently lining up discussion with key government ministries to explore   For more information, you can download the white paper below, or contact Paul Cabaj,  Project Coordinator, Co-op Capitalization and Development @ 780-716-4475 or  @ paul.cabaj@gmail.com

Down load the Coop Development White Paper