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The Career Focus Internship Program 

Since 2008 more than 60 post-secondary graduates have been placed with experience-rich hosts to put their education to use and gain real workplace skills throughout their 16 week placement.


Are you an underemployed youth, who is a post-secondary graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate? Are you under age 30 and living in Alberta? Have you been having a hard time breaking into your field and getting over the ‘experience’ barrier? How does a 16-week paid internship in your area of education sound?

All you have to do to apply is contact our Projects Manager, Dianne Fortin!

Dianne will do a short phone interview with you to discuss eligibility and areas of interest, and then request to see your most recent resume. From there, we’ll see if the Career Focus Internship Program could be of benefit to you and then work to match you with a host company or association that will mentor you and give you the experience you need to kick start your career!

Dianne Fortin, Project Manager

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Thoughts from our interns:

” I would like to say that without this program I would still be unemployed. This program benefits many people every day and for that I thank you. A special thanks to Dianne for putting the time and effort it took to find me my wonderful career. Thank you ACCA.”

” This was an awesome experience.  The internship gave me a chance to do something in marketing and I have been trying to get that job since I got out of school.  I will be forever grateful and even though I didn’t get the job offer with the company I did my internship with, I can put on my resume that I have some experience in marketing.  I would also like to say thank you Dianne for helping me acquire this job and always being there every step of the way. Thank you! ”

“Thank you so very much for the opportunity to work and gain experience in my industry.  This was the stepping stone I needed to further my career.”


A word from our host organizations:

“This program was an excellent way to introduce a qualified applicant to our team. ”

“We are a not-for-profit with an enormous public trust. Wage subsidy programs and internships are essential to our achieving our mandate. In return, we foster a workplace which provides an enriching growth experience for staff.  The Career Focus Internship Program is unique in providing additional training workshops, and the level of personal attention that is provided to the interns, it is rare in that it provides the host a chance to hire graduates. ”



For more detailed information
View the 2016 Program Info for Interns!


To find out more about the opportunities to host as an employer or to apply as an intern,
please contact Dianne Fortin, ACCA’s Project Coordinator
by email at or phone 780-963-3766