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Helping youth use their education to gain valuable career experience.

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Since 2008, our association has placed interns all over the province in various industries to help kick start their careers. Career Focus is an internship program with opportunities as unique as the host organizations we partner with. From marketing and communications, to early childhood development, to accounting and everything in between, we help match your education with an organization that will give you the experience you need to start your career.Intern Testimonial

This program is geared towards post-secondary graduates who have a degree, diploma or certificate, but who are having a hard time getting relevant experience on their resume.

Find out more about what the internship program can offer, get the 2016 Program Info for Interns here.Stocksy_txp7e52a0e5tDn000_Small_51760


What does it offer an intern?

  • A challenging work placement of at least 16 weeks, paid, full-time.
  • A personal mentor in your host organization.
  • Two-day training workshop on  goal setting, time management, leadership, teamwork, challenge and transition management, communication skills, conflict resolution, decision making process, an intro to the co-op business model and more.
  • New skills and knowledge around your industry.
  • Experience you need to prepare for the future.

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Why should you participate?

  • Discover new and interesting career opportunities accessible to you.
  • Develop professional skills that are critical in today’s job market and essential for making a difference in your community.
  • Put knowledge into action and complement your academic studies with practical work experience.
  • Build a valuable network of mentors, potential future employees and colleagues.
  • Increase your employment options through skills development and hands-on learning.

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Who is eligible?Stocksy_txp7e52a0e5tDn000_Small_184198

  • Youth between the ages of 15 and 30 years of age
  • Those who have completed post-secondary education and are having difficulty finding jobs in their field of education.
  • Those who are not collecting Employment Insurance Benefits.
  • A Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident or protected person within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • Those who are legally entitled to work in Canada.
  • Those legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.
  • Youth (15-30) whose circumstances may challenge them in making a successful transition to the workplace.

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Dianne Fortin is the Project Manager for Career Focus. She has been working with interns for many years and has built successful, impactful relationships with host organizations and youth all over the province. Dianne is always available to chat at 780-963-3766 or by email at To get involved as an intern, the first step is to contact Dianne and share your resume, from there you will discuss your education and the opportunities you are looking for.

What are you waiting for? Find out if an internship is right for you!

Dianne Fortin, Project Manager