Module 4

Module 4: Evaluating Business Opportunities

This module explains how to market your ODC to the business community and get them interested in seeking funding from you. It then discusses how to assess whether the business idea(s) presented to you, or those developed by the co-op itself, warrant investment.

The first section reviews important factors to consider when investing in a local business. The second section examines key questions that the champion team needs to ask before proceeding, and the tools used to evaluate. One of these questions concerns the best type of investment for the business and the investors—debt or equity.

Introduction to Module 4 from Alberta Coops on Vimeo.


Module 4 – Being the ODC and the business is twice the work from Alberta Coops on Vimeo.

Module 4 – Potential uses of your ODC from Alberta Coops on Vimeo.