Module 5

Module 5: The Investment Process

This module explains how you and your team can rally more people to your cause and addresses the question: Who else will help?

You have chosen a promising local business venture. You have figured out the financing required to make it happen. The next step will be the sale of a specific number of shares at a specific price to enable the ODC to meet the financial commitment made to the selected business. Given the local connections of your champion team, you also have an idea (or maybe even a list) of the people to approach with this investment opportunity.

This module explains how to sell shares. It will discuss the tax rules and Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) regulations that are designed to make everyone aware of the risks involved with investing in your ODC and its ventures.

And finally, this module will explain how to complete the investment of the local capital in your chosen business venture.

Introduction to Module 5 from Alberta Coops on Vimeo.

Module 5 – Selling shares in your community from Alberta Coops on Vimeo.