Networking – ACCA Events

Published on March 30, 2017 by Lacey


Networking is a key piece of ACCA’s events.  This is due in part to listening to what attendees from past events have told us: 93% say they come away with at least one meaningful connection at an ACCA event. On the other hand, as a provincial organization representing a broad range of sectors, networking helps us find common ground.

The upcoming Summit of Co-operative Leaders on May 3, 2017 features ample networking time. To maximize your networking we have provided some of the our resources and insights.


  1. Networking is about connecting. Kathy Caprino of Forbes magazine has an excellent article to explain the difference, and provides excellent strategies to build strong connections. She flips the script to focus on the challenges to point out the best strategies
  2. Have something to talk about. This may seem obvious, until it comes time to talk about something. Here are some strategies from the Harvard Business Review to tell a great story. (To learn how to tell a great joke check out this two-minute video)
  3. Hating Networking is Normal. Being forced to meet new people and make small talk, while appearing to enjoy every second of the experience is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why Devora Zack wrote Networking for People Who Hate Networking (Berrett-Koehler 2010). One tip is to volunteer at the event, as being involved can take the pressure off having to start a conversation. Learn more HERE.
  4. Networking means meeting new people. Meeting new people has its own set of interactions, especially an entire room of them! Understanding this dynamic can help make you more comfortable and effective. Check out this video to learn more. If you know a lot of people at the Summit, you can volunteer your skills to introduce people and make making those connections easier
  5. Networking within organizations can be just as important as between organizations. ACCA emphasizes making connections between organizations, however, the Summit may be the first time you are connecting with colleagues who work out of different locations. Use this time to get to know your team better. Career advisor Tyler Omoth, recommends taking  advantage of the lunch break to get to know your colleagues better.


We understand that networking can be seen as challenging. The above hopes to help us become more relaxed, confident and effective in networking settings.