New Marketing & Comms Officer

Published on August 2, 2018 by Seth

1 Aug 2018 | After completing a 10 week internship though the Career Focus program, Will McGlynn will take up a new position of ACCA’s Marketing & Communications Officer for the remainder of 2018.


Will has used his talent, skills and experience to help ACCA in all sorts of ways over the last 10 weeks, impacting the ability of the organization to develop processes, engage members and reach a wider audience.

The 28 year old is the man with a plan behind our social media, monthly newsletters and online articles, and adds much needed capacity to ACCA to enable closer member engagement.

Based out of our Calgary satellite office, Will is focusing primarily on community communications, member engagement, programming and events. Members and co-operative professionals are encouraged to e-mail all communication needs to, call 587-896-1288 or connect on LinkedIn at

In case you missed it, you can get to know Will from his introductory internship interview here.