Welcome Aboard! Will McGlynn, Communications Officer Intern

Published on May 31, 2018 by Seth

Get to know ACCA: Will McGlynn; Communications Officer Intern

Will McGlynn is the newest addition to ACCA. Along with a ton of talent, skills, and experience, Will showed us what he could do from his very first day. He jumped into action at our AGM and in facilitating our staff-planning session. Get to know more about Will, you will be hearing from him soon!

Tell us about yourself Will: 

 On my first day of the job here at ACCA, I was asked by an AGM attendee “Let me guess your accent?”, contrary to the guess that I’m an Aussie…I grew up in Liverpool & have recently completed a year long course in International Business back in Manchester, England.

I’ve come from 3 years at a government funded non-profit, where I collaborated across a community of municipal councils, social enterprises, foundations, volunteer facilities, commercial businesses and governments; to manage multiple national projects and develop a new customer-centric strategy to serve a membership of 25,000. I’ve a ‘thing’ for data, thrive in a client facing role and love being outdoors in the mountains – a reason why I moved here to Calgary earlier this year.

I’d love to connect with our members through both linkedin.com/in/willmcglynn or on e-mail with any communication requests at wmcglynn@acca.coop

What opportunities do you see for co-operatives to connect with young people?

When you talk about millennials and ‘Gen Z’ – they’ve pretty much grown up in a digital world. When you consider co-operatives are traditionally created by groups who physically come together to address a need in their local community, a young persons community is increasingly online – all the great work co-operatives do and communicate through PR in Alberta may not reach the ‘Gen Z’ folks unless you are where they are in areas such as Twitch or Snapchat. On the flipside of this, and true to the wider world – is the ability to connect through aligning the history of co-operatives and how they contribute to today’s modern economy: in the agriculture space you might be monitoring crops using the latest technology – but the reason you’re there is because of generations of good old rural hard work and co-operative development.

What are you interested in learning and/or accomplishing as an intern?

For the next 10 weeks as ACCA’s Comms officer, I’m intrigued to learn more about our member’s activities both from a business and consumer perspective, if I can implement sustainable processes that leave ACCA with a strong communications foundation and in a better place than when I started then that would be the best outcome to my time in the co-operative realm.

Why is it important that co-operators from across Alberta attend the Gathering of Alberta Co-ops?

The Gathering will be a great place to put aside the daily grind and come together to share knowledge & really think big about the sectors future. From personal experience, attending conferences such as the Gathering is a place for you to test out your ideas, build long-lasting collaborative relationships and hopefully learn something new.

Best career advice you have ever received?

“Be a sponge” – take on board all viewpoints and see every day as a learning opportunity to grow and develop.

A podcast, article, or book on leadership that you would recommend?

I’m waiting to collect ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight from the local library – it’s meant to be a great read on leadership and an insight into the early days of Nike.

Who is going to win the 2018 Stanley Cup?

As there’s no Canadian representation, I’ve got to say the Vegas Golden Knights – it was an insane Game 1! They’ve had an inspirational year and have really become a beacon in the Vegas community and showed there’s more to the desert than shows, casinos and events.