Start an Opportunity Development Co-operative

Start an Opportunity Development Co-operative

Every Opportunity Development Co-operative (ODC) is different, and each requires a unique strategy and approach to succeed. Our staff will work with you to incorporate your ODC and teach you how to raise capital in your community to finance a local business. Our approach features 4 key components.

Training and Education

Our approach features a strong training and education component. Together your group will learn important information and skills that will prepare you to create an ODC and raise capital to finance a local business. This component will also prepare you to take on subsequent project in the future. It features:

  • Online and in person training materials, resource guides, and webinars
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Access to a learning community and experts in the field of local financing

Incorporating your ODC

This process will take your champion team from an ad hoc group to the founding board of your Opportunity Development Co-operative. You will also have the necessary documents to go out into your community to sell shares and raise capital to finance local business development. This includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Access to legal and accounting experts
  • Incorporation of your ODC
  • Access to offering documents and other templates to raise capital

Please see Module 4 for more information about Incorporating your ODC

Raising Capital

With your ODC incorporated, and a business opportunity poised to be a success in your community, we will teach your ODC how to sell and register shares. This important step explains how you can sell shares, to whom, and how to use the RRSP exemption. This includes:

  • Creating an community based offering document that will enable you to sell shares in your ODC
  • Training session from a legal expert on Alberta‚Äôs securities rules around local financing and selling shares in your community
  • Training on how to register shares and use RRSP exemptions.
  • Support around community engagement

Please see Module 5 for more information about selling shares and raising capital in your community

Making Your ODC Thrive!

Once you have established a successful ODC in your community, and financed a local business opportunity, it is likely you will be looking ahead to your next project! Our After-Care services are intended to ensure your ODC has the capacity to grow, access to learning opportunities and is connected within a network of other ODCs and experts. Our goal is to see your ODC thrive for years to come! After-Care services include:

  • Board Governance and Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Workshops related to specific topics (e.g. employee ownership, local food, renewable energy,