Unleashing Local Capital!

Welcome to the Unleashing Local Capital web-page.Thank you for taking an interest in this exciting new project. The Unleashing Local Capital project empowers communities to invest locally, direct their own economic development and reduce dependency on government supports by directing outward-bound investments towards local businesses, keeping local capital flowing through local communities. This project also educate rural communities on how to establish an Opportunity Development Co-operative – a  co-op  that pools and manages capital raised from local investors, which is then invested in local businesses. To learn more about Unleashing Local Capital please take a look at the related pages  in this section


The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association is very grateful for the support of Unleashing Local Capital from the Rural Alberta Development Fund as well as our project partners:

Athabasca University

Le Conseil de développement économique de l’Alberta

Alberta Rural Development Network

Alberta Family Business Institute

Community Futures Network of Alberta