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Investing Locally, rather than investing on Bay Street or Wall Street, is a relatively new concept. This is based on communities responding to changes in the economy, people wanting to have more ownership in their local economy, and changes in securities regulations.  Although local investing will differ by community, there are a number of common themes. The following resources are intended to give you an idea of what goes into investing locally, as well as show all of the amazing things that can happen when you invest in your community! We will be adding more to thi section in the coming months. Hopefully these videos will help provide an overview of local financing using the Opportunity Development Co-operative Structure

Jay Yanota’s ODC Story from Alberta Coops on Vimeo.


Unleashing Local Capital is very much based on the success of community investment projects in Alberta. Here’s a great video explaining how Sangudo, Alberta established their own investment co-operative. This video by Alberta Agriculture is AMAZING!

White Pages and Briefs on Co-operative Solutions for Alberta:

Co-operatives in Health Care

Co-ops and Infrastructure

Co-op Solutions for Seniors

2014 Co-op Development Annual Report