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Our volunteers can't wait to meet you!
Our volunteers can’t wait to meet you!

2019 Program Registration is NOW OPEN!!


What level will you be joining us for?

Grad, Pre-Teen, Teen A,  Youth,  Teen B 

Co-operative Youth Leadership Program
Pricing Information

SponsorshipDid you know that there are more than 75 generous sponsors of this youth leadership program all across the province, many of them sponsor multiple youth from their community! Don’t let financial circumstances be a barrier to participation, there’s lots of information on approaching sponsors in our ‘sponsorship’ section – check it out! Register early and encourage youth from your community to join you.

There are 3 different fees to attend the program.

Registration fee– $708.75 (GST included)

This is a mandatory fee that is most often paid by a sponsor or multiple sponsors.
For more information on how to find a sponsor & previous years sponsors click here.

Participant fee – $236.25 (GST included)

This is a mandatory fee that is often paid by the participant to show their commitment to the program.
At their discretion, some sponsors may also cover the cost of the participant fee. 

Bus fee- $89.25 (GST included)

This is an optional fee that will transport participants to the program. We offer bussing starting in Calgary & in Edmonton that stop at several locations on their journey to Goldeye Centre.

If you need financial assistance to attend the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program…

  1. Whether you are a first-time participant, or a returning participants – start seeking sponsorship!
    95% of our youth participants were sponsored last year. Click here to find out how they did it.
  2.  If you’ve already approached local co-operatives, credit unions and agricultural societies, consider asking your school or municipality for support. This isn’t just a summer camp, you’ll be coming back to your community as a confident and compassionate leader.
  3. Can’t get full sponorship? No problem! Many participants have multiple sponsors, it might take a little bit of coordinating, but it’s worth it!
  4. Still stuck? Liane our Youth Program Coordinator has been helping youth attend the program for years – get in touch with her!
    Call, text or email Liane at 780-991-4620 or to ask for help.

Note: ACCA has never had to cancel a program, but we reserve the right to cancel program weeks if there is not enough interest at least two weeks prior to the program starting. So what are you waiting for? Sign up soon!


If you’re looking for more specific information about the Co-operative Youth Leadership Program, please don’t hesitate to contact
Liane Courchesne our Youth Program Coordinator at 780-991-4620 or