Sponsorship Information


Be well prepared

Be sure you have all the information you need and you know what you want from the sponsor. Find out if that organization has sponsored participants in previous years. Practice your request on someone you trust. Tell them all about the program, the week you want to attend, why you want to attend, the amount of sponsorship you need etc. Show them the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program brochure!

HINT: Check out the list of sponsors from last year to help you get started.



Offer to give something back

Past participants have given written and oral reports at meetings, or have volunteered for their sponsoring organization. Give the sponsor a chance to learn about what you did at the program. Don’t make commitments you won’t keep. Contact the ACCA office if you would like more tips on reporting back to your sponsoring organization.


Leave a great impression

Even if the organization doesn’t decide to sponsor you, be polite and courteous. Thank them for taking the time to listen to your request. The same organization might decide to sponsor you or someone else next year. Partial sponsorships are accepted as well.


Still need help?

After you have inquired with possible sponsoring organizations that are listed on the website and in your community, we may be able to assist you. Call the ACCA office for additional references to past sponsors and ideas on other organizations that may be able to help.





Why should organizations sponsor local youth to attend the ACCA Youth Leadership Program?

The ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program transforms youth into confident, knowledgeable and open minded young leaders. The volunteer staff and returning participants encourage an atmosphere of compassion for peers, for the planet and to provokes new perspectives on a variety of issues that affect the participant’s community.

By sponsoring a youth to attend this eye opening experience, you are empowering them to create their own path in life, and to lead their friends, their 4-H groups, their schools, their communities and everyone they know down the road to a better and brighter world.

It may sound too good to be true – a week in the Rocky Mountains and hundreds of youth return home ready to tackle anything. Introverted individuals, team captains, and class clowns all have a place in the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program and by sponsoring them to attend, you are giving them a sense of belonging during a stage of their life where most feel uncertain and self-conscious.

This program motivates youth with living examples of how local co-operative and agricultural organizations are influential key players in building and maintaining communities which reflects positively on sponsors. These participants come back from the program with an understanding of the co-op difference and the benefits and responsibilities of membership. Many of these youth will become active members in your co-op or credit union and active volunteers and influencers in their community.

This week-long experience is the catalyst for youth realizing the possibilities for their future and the future of our world.


Are you an organization ready to sponsor?

Do you have sponsorship dollars but are experiencing trouble connecting with local youth? Try to partner with a Jr. High or High School and offer the sponsorship as part of a leadership scholarship! The school will be appreciative of your interest and involvement, and the teaching staff can help you recruit a student.

You can also contact Liane Courchesne the Youth Program Coordinate 780.991.4620 or lcourchesne@acca.coop who can send you promotional material for your office or community bulletins. We can also help match sponsors with participants seeking support. Our sponsor organizations make a world of difference by investing in youth today, they ensure their communities stay vibrant and active for many years to come.