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Testimonials and Quotes

About the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program
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From some of our youth participants:

“The program was a breath taking and motivating experience for me. It is amazing how much of a changed person I’ve become. Me, being the shy person I happen to be, was excited about this program, but also super nervous. I was afraid to show myself and afraid to make new friends and push myself. But, this opportunity made me push myself and now I’m no longer afraid. I will take the skills I learned through many inspirational sessions with me forever.”  – Hailey

“The ACCA Leadership Program is not just a group of individuals gathered together; it is a community; it is a family.”  – Shayne

“My week at the ACCA Youth Program has been so amazing! I’ve had more fun than I’ve had all year and learned important life skills as well. My favorite session was self esteem because it helped me have a more positive outlook on myself.” – Cory


From some of the parents:

“From a single parent’s perspective this year has been quite a financially tight year and the support support from a sponsor TRULY makes a huge difference.   My daughter thoroughly enjoyed last year’s program and was in fact, moved to tears when I picked her up from the bus last year, saying how touched she was by meeting so many wonderful, like-minded people.  She reported that last year’s program was quite a different experience compared to the dynamics in high school, where she constantly finds herself struggling to fit in.  She thought that the program inspired her and she still has her warm fuzzy hanging on her bedroom door. ”

“Our son had many stories to tell about the activities that he did while at the program and the friendships he made during the week. He truly enjoyed his time there. Thank you to the program volunteers and staff for the quality activities, and time that they put into planning and orchestrating such a wonderful program. He made some great memories!”


Participant evaluations, quotes about volunteer staff:

“Everyone was amazing and so funny, and always smiling and laughing. Warm Fuzzies! You guys are amazing. Thank you for coming and leading great sessions.”

“Incredible job done by the staff! They make camp worth coming to and without them none of this would be possible <3 You guys were all so amazing. Your sessions KILLED! (in a nice way) You guys were very enthusiastic and patient with us, even though we were loud. Warm Fuzzies ~ You guys ROCK!”

“I would like to make this camp longer or turn it into a boarding school. Counselors are amazing! You are all awesome! You made me feel so welcomed, appreciated and loved. You were all so welcoming and sweet.”

“Very accepting and encouraging!”

“I loved the sessions you guys gave!”

“Everyone was so enthusiastic and bonded so well.”

skyler-youth-quote-1From our participants, to our generous sponsors:

“This was my first time at this ACCA camp and it was amazing. I personally think that the best topic I learned about was 7 Co-operative Principles.” – H. Holtz

“This camp is important because you do more than just run around. You get to know each other for who you really are. I find that the leadership skills are unique to this camp, no other camp has. You come in as strangers and leave as family.” –  I. Shewchuk

“My favorite part of camp was getting to meet everyone here. All these people have made an impact on my life. This camp has also made my leadership skills improve.  I know better ways to listen to everyone and include everyone.” – E. Prehn