Wish List (In Kind Support)

In-kind donations are needed for our 2019 Summer Program!

Want to contribute to skill-building sessions? Donating supplies is something that benefits ALL the youth participants at the program, and is crucial to our volunteer facilitators being able to deliver curriculum safely, smoothly and successfully!


Our participants call it ‘camp’ but it is so much more than that. The ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program is a truly magical and unique experience. Thousands of volunteer hours are put into planning and delivering our curriculum, and facilitating experiences that shape youth into empowered, empathetic and ambitious community leaders!



From new walkie talkies to coordinate multiple activities with ease and ensure safety in the wilderness of the Rockies, to a portable speaker that helps bring dynamic presentations and mood-shaping music to the participants – these tools will help our facilitators deliver the best programming possible.


We have ideas! We’re exploding with creativity! Need we say more? We aim to be paper-conscious and sustainable by using white boards in our sessions, but sometimes we need flip charts for break-out activities and community/skill/team building tasks. Things like wrist-ties that can double as blind-folds, challenge our large groups to work together and actively practice co-operation.


We’re proud to hold an accreditation with the Alberta Camping Association, and as such all our staffed are First Aid and CPR certified, and to go along with that, we need a well stocked first aid cabinet. When we’re not giving sessions or saving the day with a band-aid, we’re making warm-fuzzies in our staff cabin or making the banquet committee’s dreams come true with the perfect plastic table cloth.


 Want to help out?

Liane our Youth Program Coordinator can help arrange the logistics!

Contact Liane directly at lcourchesne@acca.coop or 780-991-4620