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Co-operatives are rooted in community. They are created to meet a common need by providing goods, services, and employment. Co-operatives give back to communities by supporting local initiatives and charities, providing training and education, and working with local businesses.

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Is a Co-op
Right For You?

Co-ops are member owned and controlled businesses, service providers, and not-for profits. They are created to meet a common need and to build strong communities. Co-operative businesses are some of the most resilient and successful in the world. If you like working with people to achieve a common goal, co-ops could be for you!

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We offer a variety of programs for young people between the ages of 11 and 18, as well as a career internship program for post-secondary graduates under the age of 30. These programs focus on both personal and professional development, as well as important leadership and group facilitation skills.

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